Customization services

Minor Customization.
Minor customization to existing creations.
For example you can request for different lengths,different fabrics,slight size changes etc.

Full Customization
You could send me a picture of an apparel that u wish to own and we'll have a discussion to make it happen =)
The charges and whether it is achievable of course depend
1.Type of design
2. Level of difficulty of the design.
3.Type of fabric 4.Design of fabric 5.Sizes
And the charges quoted will be inclusive of:
1.Material(fabric and lining etc)
2.Accesories like hidden zipper,buttons, laces etc
5. Sewing

So wait not!! write to me now and start preparing for that big dinner,prom or event! =)

Do read the terms and conditions below first!
Terms and conditions:
1. Emcee Couture reserves the right to oblige or decline any request.
2.Emcee Couture has full right to picture or reproduce the new pieces resulted from any request.
3.Emcee Couture does not guarantee the exact reproduction of request(pictures) sent.Any foreseen difference will be discussed a best beforehand.
Disclaimer for Full Customization.
1.Full customization will be made at best according to measurements given but that does not guarantee a perfect fit as it is not tailor made.
2.Emcee Couture merely provides the opportunity to turn certain designs into reality.

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