Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I go about ordering?
You can cut and paste the Order Form at the right sidebar and email the filled form to

2.What is the method of payment?
Emcee Couture uses 2 banks: Maybank or CIMB. Payment could be made via Online Transfer (Maybank2u or CIMB Clicks), cash deposit, atm transfer, or interbank transfer. Don't forget to include email notifications if you are transferring online. If you are using cash deposit or atm transfer kindly retain receipt and send me a copy after payment.

3.Is Cash On Delivery (COD) available?
No, as full payment is required for made to order items. However for your convenience, pick-up (advanced payment required) could be arranged when the order is ready in Subang Area.

4.Do you accept International orders.
Yes , I do.Payment could be made via Paypal with 3.4% of service charge. Shipping can be done via registered postage.

Status of items1.Sold out items could be reproduce?
It depends on the availability of materials. It is advised to enquire within, if the material is sold out, another type of material may be suggested.

2. What do you mean by “Made to order”
It means that there aren’t any ready stocks for the item. Only when a confirmed order with payment is made, the manufacture of the item will begin.

Browsing1. How do I look for particular items here?
If you know the code, you can type it the Search tab on the right sidebar.
If you are looking for a certain piece of garment, like a ‘skirt’,you may click on the “Bottom” tab on the right sidebar to bring you to the posts.
Otherwise, do browse through the older post as although the material is sold out, the design could be remade with other material.

2. I'm skeptical over quality and fit of products bought online.Any chance I could feel and try it on before buying?
With the launch of the new studio/boutique, you can drop by to try them on before making a purchase.


1.What is Full customisation?
For full customisation, I offer the opportunity to make your desired design into reality. Its not tailor made as no personalization of measurements is taken, pieces are made according the measurements given. Do read through the terms and disclaimer on the right sidebar before placing an order.
You can refer to the blog post titled “Custom..” to see what previous work has been done based on requests.

2. I want to customize a dress, how do I go about this?
You may research for a few pictures on the net or sketches (although real pictures are preferred) on the dress/attire that u wish to customize then send them to me.
I will then advice on the possibility and suggest /attach a few materials that are suitable for the request. With your usual size and length of garments known, I will then proceed to send you a quote.
If you agree to the details, a confirmation will be sent

3. Do you take all requests?
Not necessarily, as I refrain from taking custom orders in designs that I have not done before or not familiar with as the possibility of it turning out as expected is rather low.

4.How much does it cost to customize a dress?
As the charges depend very much on the type of material, amount of material used, cost of material and design complexity. It is tough to give an estimate without a design in mind.

However u can refer to blog post titled "Custom.." From there too, u can get an idea of how much roughly it will cost for the design/material featured.

5.Do u tailor make clothes,do u provide alterations?
No, full customisation does not equate tailor-make. Do refer to Question 1 above.
As it is only customisation and not tailor made, pieces will be made to measurements given and for this reason too, no alterations are provided.

6.How long does it take to customize a dress?
It depends on the material availability and the queue.
As all confirmed custom orders will be placed on a queue, the expected delivery date will be advised as of time of enquiry but may be pushed later if some other custom orders were confirmed earlier before you do.

7.Can I use my own material/fabric for customisation?
You are more than welcomed to do so. =)
In such circumstance, only workmanship will be charged.

8.What is minor customisation?
Minor customization are changes made to existing designs.

9.How much to minor customize it
Prices depends on the degree of change, length size etc. It is common to have a plus minus of RM3-15.

10. I like mc134, but I'm not comfortable with the cut out back. Can I opt for a full back?
Yes of course, this is what I call Minor Customization. I could do a full back for your for a minimal charge.

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