Words of encouragements

Hi mei chi!
I know u've heard this loads of times but ur dresses are amazing! :) absolutely love mc263.

Hi Mei Chi,
I have received the parcel today. Thanks a lot ya.
Nice dress :)

Hello Mei..
I've just received the dress today. Its gorgeous! Really love it.
Thank you so much.

Hi Mei Chi,
Received the dress yesterday, liked it so much that I wear to work today without pre-washing it! :)
Pui Hua

Hi meichi,
Yup got d parcel. Luv the custom dress! Cant wait to wear it out tx
-Lei Teen

Hi Mei Chi,
i've gotten the dress and it's a great fit - you're talented! :) thanks loads! will definitely get more dresses from you in future - perhaps I could save my postage fee from this dress for my next purchase? ;)
thanks again, babe!

Hi, I just got the dress. Absolute fab! Will definitely add ur site to my list of faves :)
Jillian J

Hello Mei Chi!
Parcel received, love the quality. Will definitely come back for more. =) Thanks again!

‎:) the dress arrived.
thank you for the gorgeous dress ♥
-Vivianne Chuah

Hey Mei Chi, thanks for the dress. Received it this morning :) though I expected it to be slightly longer but It's still nice! Will upload the picture soon.

Hi there,
I've received my dress and really love it =)
-Joyce Ting

OMG! I'm so excited! I LOVE THE CONVERTIBLE DRESS! You are amazing! I've never been so happy about a dress that I bought online. You are the first. Perfect quality and shape. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm sure plenty of people will love your creations. =).
-Eunice Ong

Hi Mei Chi,
The dress fits well =) Thanks !

hey babe...got your parcel yesterday. love the dresses =)
thanks loads!Cheers & have a good weekend ahead!!!
-Natalia Chan

Hey Mei Chi,
Just to let you know that i received the parcel yesterday! its really beautiful and l love the material. the mc170 maybe a bit loose on the bust area. i probably shouldve ordered a size 6. hehe. i look forward to the next update!thank you.

Hi MeiChi,
was busy recently, but just wanted to tell you that..the dress is just fit me!! thanks..and I like it so much!

hi Mei Chi, i wonder if u have received my previous enquiry email (below)?btw, i've received my custom 13 order. :) very nice.
i would like to make another in black,
-Alexia Tan

Hi Mei Chi,
I got my dress :) The material is really good and I think it is officially the most important dress in my wardrobe now :p
I had loads of fun trying and experimenting different ways to wear it yesterday night.
Thank you so much :)
-Lydia Chew

Hey! i received the dress! LOVE IT!!!
thanx soooo much!!!
-May Salitah

Hi Mei Chi,
I've received my parcel! Its beautiful.

Halo pretty..
I've received my dress yesterday..luv to play wif it..
Thx alot ya..

Hi Mei Chi,
Greetings! Thanks for the lovely customization on my previous order...its fantastic!
-Karen Lai

Hi Mei Chi.. I have received my dress n it's perfect.. Love it.. Thanks dear.. Regarding the mc 150, will it be available at the chic pop market? If it is, then I won't have to reserve a slot for the remaking.

Hi mei chi,
I've received the dress and it is stunning! I really,really love it.. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your work and your kindness. Hope to buy more in the future. Thanks again!!
Grace Joy

Hi Meichi :)
Received the dress from my friend the other day, and it fits perfectly, so happy with it! Thank you so much! :) do you still have that dress in hot pink and red for cny?
Lysha <3

Received my dress yesterday! Thank you so much! Loved it and you are a life saver! :)
-Suzanne Toh

Hi Mei Chi,

I've received my parcel~and the dress is whoaaaaaaaaa!!! Thanks for such lovely creation. love it very much
It has been ages since i last wore a dress - which is my pinafore and a few occasions cos i'm forced to. your blogshop and creations motivates me to wear more dresses.

- Yee Hieng

item rec dear TQ
Fit s me nicely!

Hey receive my dress
Love it!
hey love love the new rainbow maxi! would like to order the blue top with purple bottom! do i get any discount for the fb wall post?
-Erin Goh

Hi Mei Chi,
I've just received the dress.. It's so gorgeous. thank u so much.
I hope i'm not too difficult to work with because I will come back with another order. 
Warmest regards,
-Wai Kuan

receive d like it very much. thanks a lot
-Sandy Tan

Hey Mei Chi,

Received and loving the dresses! :) will want to buy more stuff from your shop soon :D


Hello! I've just received the dress today. Its gorgeous! Really love it =) Looks exactly like in the pic. Thanks yea. But just one tiny bit disappointed when i put it on, the bra strap can be seen =(
-Stephanie Li

Yay! I got them! :) Thanks! 225 is perfect. The other one a bit short but I can wear stockings :)
-Dawn Lim


Went to your booth at chic pop last week. Absolutely adores the one shoulder dress with ribbon on the side that I got frm ur place!!:) and I'm here for more orders!:D

I would like to custom made your MC226 for my bridesmaids. I'll be needing 3 sets of it n with different sizes. Two of them loves ur swingy skirts design. But one of them want the skirt to be tight fitted like those bodycon version? Can you do it for us?

What sizes do u need? breast, waist and length? Please let me know!



Anita Setio

Hi, I received the wrap dress! It's really nice and very creative. Lol.
I think by now you have grasp my measurements pretty well and I need not worry.
-Cindy Bong

Hi Mei Chi,
Btw, i received the dress and it's lovely. Love it. :)

Any chance i can catch the next batch? :)


Hi Mei Chi,

Haha, well, my sis luvs the top, and would to know it be possible to order another, same length and size (color hot pink as seen in MC236); also may I know if I may order for the top (white, UK 4-6, length of 26") as seen in MC195. Thanks.

Best Regards
Lei Teen

received the dress today. n im loving it soooo much! i love how it perfectly fits my body. it was worth the wait. will definitely order from u again. thanks!

Hey,well i kno this is long overdue, but i really loved da dress which i bought previously. Thank You!

Hi there,
I received it. Love it. Thanks :)

Hi Mei Chi,
I have received the dress, it fits me a lot..i love it very much =)
Thanks and Regards,
Yi fen

I got it! So beautifully crafted!! Thanks :)
-Sara Lau

Received both dresses. Fit nicely!
Thanks a lot. J
-Anna Hau

Hi,am loving th skirt.:) it’s a lil short but I like it this way,cute!:)
-Shu Wen

Hi Mei chi,
I've received my dress and I absolutely adore it! And i m dreaming about how it would look if we had followed our previous arrangement... Thanks a lot!
-Ariel On

Just to let you know I've received all 4 items! And they fit perfectly - just have to keep the P2P at 16"!! Thanks a lot...Really like them =)
-Hui Sze

mei chi, i got ur parcel... as it always b. they r so nice.... thanks for the great creation!
as usual. i would like to order some more...
-Stephanie Chan

Hey Mei Chi,
I've received the dress. Thanks loads yea. Love it! :))

hi mei chi,
i love the dress.... thanks so much :)

hey i got the dress today,it fits so well! its the type of toga dress i always wanted..thank u! :)
got the top already...its lovely, exactly like what i wanted...thanks alot! :)
-chern Lin

I'be received the dress and it's gorgeouss!!! (: I love ittt!!!
Thank you!
-Michelle wong

Hi there Mei Chi,
Just a note that I've received the dress and it fits well =)
Thank you again!
-Joanne Poh

got my skirt :) thanks so much!! love the sewing~

-Joy Soh

Hello Mei Chi,

I got your parcel last Friday=).
It was lovely and fits perfectly.
Thank you so much.

Looking forward to more creative creations from you;).


hi mei chi, i've received the dress. loved it. thanks !
-Yee Hui

Hi,I havent heard from you after I replied you the following email.

Hope to hear from you soon, so that I can proceed with the payment.

By the way, I would like to inform you that I absolutely love all the clothes I bought from you.

All these while I have been purchasing from you, but I haven't the chance to try on the clothes, as I directed you to send it all back to my hometown. I have just came back home from KL...and finally get to put on all the clothes. I especially like the green dress!!! I fits me PERFECTLY!!!
Thank you so much!
-Tan Wei Ern

Hey there! I've received the dress and it fits awesomely! =) Thanx so much!

Mei Chi!!
Just received my dress just now.. love it!! showed my two sisters and my mum too.. think they are going to order from u soon...
Thanks a lot.. more to come from me.. hahahahaha...
-Chui Yen

I've got the packages :) Thank you so much! It's pretty :D

I just got the parcel today.
They are all awesome.
Thank you :)

sorry for the late reply. I've received the dresses and I like it very much. Thank you.
-Olivia Kunyir

hello dear.
i received the dress yesterday evening..
thank you so much :)
fits nicely!

hey darl,got the dress today and what i can say is,i extremely love the dress!it's really cute n lovable!exactly like what i want :) will order more dresses from u soon :) thnxs yaa for da great service!

-liyanna :)

Dear Mei Chi,
Received de dress dear. Love it alot!! Hope to c more designs from u:)

Got my package today! I love it! Nice work! I'm in for MC106 in Light Grey Top size Uk 4-6.


Dear Mei Chi,
Got my package. Thanks for the custom dress! Love it! Wonderful job!

i got de dress d... love it n thnk u so much =)


Hey Mei Chi!

Sorry for this late reply, been really busy. Anyway, I have received the item and loving it much. Hehe.

Thank you. Good luck in your business yea. : )

Best Regards,

-Jin Yi

Hie just to let you know, i have received the parcel! And its adorable! Love it =) And thanks for the alteration, now it fits perfectly =)

-Stephanie Li

I've received the dress! Once again, very good workmanship. Thanks! :)
-Rebecca Teo

hi! received the blouse yesterday, love it! Thanks for the prompt deliveryas promised!

Just want you should know, the new blouse I bought received really good response from my family & colleagues, all agree that it looks sweet & unique.. I've shared the website with them, hopefully brings you more sales! ;)

Thanks for making the beautiful clothes...

Pui Hua

Hi Mei Chi,
I just got the dress..It's really lovely. Thank you so much!! =)
-Nora Lee

Hey, i've received my dress. Love the fit! Going to get it hemmed shorter though. Thanks :)
-May Sheng

Hi Mei Chi,
just wanna let you know that I've got my top today. Thank you for your excellent service!

I love the top so much :) I hope you'll make more working attires in the future.
Thanks again.


hi Mei Chi,
i got the skirt on Monday..but i just forgot to inform u until now..hehe..
and as usual i enjoyed my shopping with Emcee Couture..

-Kathleen Hu

Hi Mei Chi,
Just to add, I tried the corset-top and the skirt - both fits like a glove! :)
Looking forward to more great pieces.
I got my package in the evening. Thank you!! :)

Both are perfectly made, the toga top is gorgeous (should have gotten in more colours!). The bodycon dress(mc106) is really nice, just the shoulder straps are slightly longer on me. I could probably shorten it at the back ;)

Thanks again! :)

Have received the jumpsuit. It's absolutely gorgeous, I love it. But almost was a bit too tall for it.

-Michelle Lee

:D thanks for the dress. i received it yesterday. love it. :)

Hi Mei Chi, I have received the parcel this morning and I love both the dress andbelt so much! It fits me perfectly :). Look forward to more designsfrom ur blog :D Thanks!

Phyllis Gan

I received the parcel yesterday. Absolutely love it! :)
Am ordering the same one again with my sister but in a different colour! She mailed you earlier :)
Please do keep making gorgeous clothes for us petites!
Thanks so much!

Hi, Parcel arrived today & I tried the dress on the moment I got home, fitnicely & feel comfy just as how it looks like on ur blog, lovely! Look fwd for move designs to come.. :)
Pui Hua

hey, i've received the top today, love it,thank you ! :D
-sharon aw

dear mei chi,
I want to tell you how much the skirts fit so well and the workmanship is superb and I am happy I manage to get some pieces.

Once again thank you and if you manage to get any material for the cage skirt do let me know am looking at any colors .


i've received the clothes. It's very nice..
And I like it alot.Thanks! Will shop with you again.
-Teresa Chin

I've received the dress and am happy with it. Thanks!
I'd like to place another order:-
-Yin Peng

Already received the parcel...its lovely!!! thx so much!!!
-Mi Eun Im

i got the dress! it's lovely. thanks!
-Stephanie Ong

got the dresss.. Love it =D
it's very hard to get a dress of my size actually cuz i'm very small size.. but this one fits me well!!
hehe, thankss.. and i'm really impressed of your tailoring =)

-Gik Mun

Hey there, gotten the parcel already.
love it alot, thanks! :)
-Nicole Cheong

hi there! I've collected my parcel at the post office today bcuz I wasn't at home when he delivered. :(
Love the dress! Thanks a lot ;)
-Shereen Chew

Hie dear!
Received today, love it!! Thanks alot dear :))
-Yin Jen

Hi just want to let you know i have received the items. they are gorgeous! =) will definitely buy more stuffs from you in the future. =)

Hey babe, thanks for d efficiency, n great work u had here! It'd bawesome to c u have more classic n crisp design! Keep up d great work!


hey! ive received the dress this morning. and it fits me really well! and i love it so much. tq tq tq tq :)

-Farah Hani

received the dress, thanks... it seem so fit when i wear it....
-sharon tan

I have received the dress. Thanks! I love it.
Looking forward to see similar kind of dress from you again =)
-nurulhuda supaat

I got the parcel
And i love the dress :)
-wy lu

I've received the skirt. I love it, thanks! Excellent workmanship! ;)

I just got it! It's really lovely! I love how you made the strap slightly broader! Thank you so much. Can't wait to see more creations from you!

-Tak Yee

Hi there,i had received the top :)
it's nice,just a bit loose in chest there,
overall still nice,love it,
Thanks :D
-Joyce Teh

I received the parcel! The clothes fit me perfectly! I will definitely be buying more items off you in the future!
Thanks :)
-Nicolle Buck

Received the skirt today! It fits so well and its hot! =)
Thanks for all your time and effort! Till your next collection!

Hi Mei Chi! Just wanna say thanks. I've received the toga tank top and its lovely.Looking forward to buying more stuff from you! Take care, and happyweekend!
-Hui Sze

Hey babe,
I do apologise for the late follow up, i was away in Europe and i just got back =)
I love the top and i'm wearing it as i type this lol.
Thanks again and so sorry about that
-San Jean

I've received the skirt already. Thank you so much yea, it looks lovely! =]
-Xiang Yun

Just letting you know I've received the dresses today. They're just gorgeous and fit perfectly! Thanks very much i'll definitely be back very soon!
Have a great day.

I received my parcel. the top is so nice! fits perfectly and very comfy. will definitely buy from u again. thanks alot! :)

oh babe! haha i just sent in another order. anyway, i just got the parcel! hehe.
thanks so much babe! :) they're all really lovely! :D

Just rec'd the dress. It fits really well. Thanks so much!
-Adeline Lim

I got the dress! It's fantastic :) Good quality and fits perfectly!
Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!

received the parcel yesterday, love the dress, it fits perfectly and the length is just right
thanks so much :)

got the dress today, love it as usual but its a tad bit too long, guess i overestimated my height haha :)


Hey babe,

Got the dress, it was lovely, wore it on my birthday :) however it was a bit small, will you be able to make dresses from UK8-10 upon request in the future?

-Lin Lin

Ive received the parcel, the dresses are lovely. Thanks
Look forward for more good stuff from your blog :)


Hi dear,
item received. Its lovely ! THANKS :D

u have a wonderful collections
i'm very impress and i wish i was petite like u
keep it up, i will be stalking u too.. :)

-Alviana Damit

I've received the clothes. Love them all! Thanks! :)


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