Thursday, December 15, 2011

Announcement:Chip POP 11

weehehe, time flies! and its time for the next installment of Markets.

as per usual, super fun time and lotsa things to see in Chic POP!
Featuring Fashion, Arts and Lifestyles!

If you enjoyed the last Swap party(Where u bring clothings  you don't use anymore and swap them for others!), you will be delighted as the TiC team has increased the amount of garments from 3 to 5pcs per person!

and you got to be excited for this new Scavenger Hunt!

Date:17th December 2011
Time:10am -6pm
Venue:Jaya One, PJ

For more info, check the FB page here:

This time, EVEN BETTER!
afterall its our FAVOURITE time of the year, isn't  it perfect for the last minute Christmas shopping?
or just a reward gift for self after one long year of hard work ! =)

Emcee Couture will be throwing in more awesome deals than that!

Psst**Here's the teaser
(a RACK full!)

Come by to check out the creations and have a preview of CNY collection, feel them, try them if you may, then make an order on the spot to secure a slot(very LIMITED for delivery before CNY!!)

not all!
Will be bringing in trayfull of THESE:     pretty accessories to be paired with a piece of 
Emcee Couture!

Hope you are excited! as I truly am!
Looking forward to see all of you, and as usual-don't forget to say HI ! =)

I will be in booth 14 (see layout below)

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